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We Advocate

Arts Empowers is an organization dedicated to inspiring and engaging the public.

Art programs are constantly being cut from shrinking school budgets even though these programs are proven to improve academics. Arts Empowers raises awareness of the arts in education dilemma and encourages social action to create cultural change through audience outreach and strategic alliances. Our goal is to inspire and motivate voters and politicians to action to ensure that public schools mount sustained arts education programs.

We Educate

Our award-winning documentary PURPLE DREAMS is a heartfelt representation of the life-changing impact an arts program can have on students. Through the intimate portrait of one school’s struggles and triumph, the documentary serves as an evidentiary platform for audiences to understand the vital need for Arts Education in all schools. PURPLE DREAMS is a love letter to the arts and a call to action for audiences. Our goal is to share the documentary in more schools, so audiences can witness the transcendence of an arts program, firsthand. We are looking to inspire and motivate students, hoping that they see themselves in the film and realize they are capable of success, regardless of their circumstances. 

Upcoming Event: Transformation 2020

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These amazing students, teachers and administrators proved that Arts Education is an invaluable tool to engage and inspire students despite demographics or socioeconomic status. With access to arts and academic mentors, the film's teenage subjects have the potential to change the trajectory of their lives.













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About the Documentary Feature Film

PURPLE DREAMS reveals an extraordinary Arts in Education success story that originates at Northwest School of the Arts in Charlotte, NC. This inspirational documentary shadows six at-risk high school students on an emotionally powerful three-year journey of transformation. These performing arts students face homelessness, low-income neighborhoods, gang-related violence and single parent households as they join forces in a triumphant musical production that ultimately propels them into a world of opportunity they never expected.


"Audiences Laugh, Cry, Clap and enjoy the emotional roller coaster ride.”

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